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embedly-java 0.1.5

A Java library for the API
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 72 Download

XMemcached 2.0.0

A Java multithreaded memcached client
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 147 Download
Play Framework

Play Framework 2.3.4

This is a framework for building Web applications in Java and Scala
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 177 Download

jOOQ 3.1.0

This is a tool for Java database object oriented querying
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 174 Download


This is a Java tool supporting the injection bytecode into Java programs for the purpose o
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 182 Download

Vaadin 7.3.0

This is a Java-based GUI framework for building modern web applications
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 106 Download
Apache Nutch

Apache Nutch 2.2.1

This is an open source Java web-search software
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 132 Download

Locanda 0.4

This is a Java-based room booking management system
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 181 Download
JBoss Transactions

JBoss Transactions 5.0.2

JBoss Transactions JBossTS is a pure Java multi-modal transaction service that supports di
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 143 Download

Mobicents 2.0.0

Mobicents Mobicents is the first Open Source Platform certified for JSLEE compliance. repr
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 164 Download

jReCo 1.0b

jReCo jReCo makes development of rule based application UI rendering a breeze.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 204 Download
JBoss Application Server

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0 CR1

JBoss Application Server JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS) is the market-leading, open s
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 235 Download

AppStarter 0.5.3

AppStarter AppStarter allows you to launch applications off your USB flash drive without h
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 206 Download
Parallel Port Viewer

Parallel Port Viewer

Parallel Port Viewer Parallel Port Viewer show how parallel port works on hardware level.
Price: $Freeware, Rating: 6, Downloads: 304 Download
JBoss Web

JBoss Web 2.1.1 CR3

JBoss Web JBoss Web Server is an enterprise ready web server designed for medium and large
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 292 Download
Duplicate Files Searcher

Duplicate Files Searcher 2.0

Duplicate Files Searcher Duplicate Files Searcher is a free powerful software utility that
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 182 Download
JBoss Web Services

JBoss Web Services 4.2.0

JBoss Web Services JBossWS is a JAX-WS compliant web service stack developed to be part of
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 378 Download
once:radix script

once:radix script

once:radix once:radix is a Rapid Application Development system for Intranet and eXtranet
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 210 Download
JGenerator script

JGenerator script 2.2

JGenerator JGenerator is the web server production application that can dynamically combin
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 32 Download
PHP Software Updater script

PHP Software Updater script 0.4b1

PHP Software Updater PHP Software Updater allows to write website software which updates m
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 1184 Download
Story Time script

Story Time script 0.2

Story Time Story Time is a Java based Book Reader similar to that of a children's CD-ROM B
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 237 Download
JBoss Microcontainer script

JBoss Microcontainer script 1.0.2

JBoss Microcontainer The JBoss Microcontainer is a refactoring of JBoss's JMX Microkernel
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 119 Download
JBoss Messaging script

JBoss Messaging script 2.0.0.alpha1

JBoss Messaging JBoss Messaging enables high performance, scalable, clustered messaging fo
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 357 Download

ModeShape 3.8.0.Final

JBoss DNA JBoss DNA is a repository and set of tools that make it easy to capture, version
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 189 Download
JBoss ESB script

JBoss ESB script 4.3

JBoss ESB Reliable SOA infrastructure.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 356 Download
JBoss Developer Studio script

JBoss Developer Studio script 1.0

JBoss Developer Studio JBoss Developer Studio provides a certified open source development
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 9.5, Downloads: 307 Download