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IdeoType 0.1.4

IdeoType IdeoType is a book compiler that converts manuscript (XHTML) to book (PDF) on the
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 200 Download


MyLibrary MyLibrary is little program which may help you hold organize your books.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 65 Download


SodaSearch SodaSearch is a drop-in full text indexer plugin for Ruby on Rails.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 244 Download
The deplate converter

The deplate converter 0.8

The deplate converter The deplate converter is a tool for converting wiki-like markup to l
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 114 Download
SpeedReader ruby

SpeedReader ruby

SpeedReader ruby SpeedReader is a MediaPlayer for text files.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 10, Downloads: 102 Download

dokkit 0.1.1

dokkit dokkit is a documentation production environment.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 114 Download

SpeedReader 0.6

SpeedReader SpeedReader helps you to improve your reading speed.
Price: $BSD, Rating: 7, Downloads: 145 Download
Ruby ODF

Ruby ODF alpha1

Ruby ODF Ruby ODF provides an access library to files in ODF format (Oasis Document Format
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 365 Download
RDirector script

RDirector script

RDirector RDirector is an open source alternative of Mercury Quality Center (formerly know
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 220 Download
OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) script

OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) script 0.1.1

OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) was an atempt to provide a resonab
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 261 Download
ReFe script

ReFe script

ReFe ReFe is yet another command line Ruby Reference Manual browser.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 144 Download
Ruby PDF Tools script

Ruby PDF Tools script 1.1.3

Ruby PDF Tools Ruby PDF Tools - Tools written in pure Ruby (no C extensions) for working w
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 7, Downloads: 278 Download
Ruby Resume script

Ruby Resume script 0.2.0

Ruby Resume Ruby Resume - Create your resume with Ruby. Output can be Text, HTML, .DOC, .p
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 400 Download
Loom script

Loom script

Loom Loom is a text-weaving tool, allowing text to be entered using only the cursor keys.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 9, Downloads: 314 Download
glark script

glark script

glark glark offers grep-like searching of text files, with very powerful, complex regular
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 182 Download
jackdaw script

jackdaw script

jackdaw jackdaw - An integrated scientific document management system
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 10, Downloads: 133 Download