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Trigono Trigono program plots three trigometric graphs namely sin, cos and tan.
Price: $Freeware, Rating: 8, Downloads: 120 Download

LitS 0.5

LitS LitS is a free, opensource, real time 3d rendering engine.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 1154 Download

Fung-Calc 1.3.2b

Fung-Calc Fung-Calc is a free, open source advanced, yet easy to use, graphing calculator
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 274 Download

holocrunchies 1.0.1

holocrunchies holocrunchies application is a computational holography program.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 68 Download

SciGraphica 2.1.0

SciGraphica SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphi
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 140 Download


GtkDatabox GtkDatabox is a widget for the Gtk -library designed to display large amounts o
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 137 Download
Engauge Digitizer

Engauge Digitizer 4.1

Engauge Digitizer Engauge Digitizer converts an image file showing a graph or map, into nu
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 406 Download

Earth3D 1.0.5

Earth3D Earth3D is a program that visualizes the earth in realtime in a 3D view.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 2167 Download
Umbrello UML Modeller

Umbrello UML Modeller 1.5.7

Umbrello UML Modeller Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling Language diagram progra
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9.5, Downloads: 350 Download

Eukleides 1.0.3

Eukleides Eukleides is a Euclidean geometry drawing language.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 454 Download
Gri Language

Gri Language 2.12.15

Gri Language Gri Language is a language for scientific graphics programming.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 311 Download

Graphviz 2.12

Graphviz Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams o
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 8, Downloads: 2590 Download
Chaco script

Chaco script

Chaco Chaco is a software that allows you to partition graphs for parallel computing and s
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 177 Download
Gwyddion script

Gwyddion script 2.5

Gwyddion Gwyddion is a modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualizat
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 261 Download


MATRIX FALL X 3D MATRIX FALL X 3D demonstrates the use of many graphical functions and Ope
Price: $Freeware, Rating: 10, Downloads: 310 Download
QtiPlot script

QtiPlot script 0.9rc2

QtiPlot QtiPlot is a data analysis and scientific plotting tool.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 308 Download
Ploticus script

Ploticus script 2.33

Ploticus Ploticus is a non-interactive software package for producing plots, charts, and g
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 225 Download
Gmsh script

Gmsh script 2.0.7

Gmsh Gmsh is an automatic 3D finite element grid generator with a build-in CAD engine and
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 275 Download
KmPlot script

KmPlot script 1.2.0

KmPlot KmPlot is a mathematical function plotter for the KDE-Desktop.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 509 Download
Flounder script

Flounder script 0.4

Flounder Flounder is a quick way to visualize regularly spaced 4D data.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 181 Download
GTS Library script

GTS Library script 0.7.6

GTS Library GTS Library is intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D s
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 359 Download
Waveform script

Waveform script 1.10

Waveform Waveform code allows you to run a function graph drawing/rendering application fo
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 7, Downloads: 231 Download
Asymptote script

Asymptote script

Asymptote Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics language that provides a nat
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 228 Download
PLplot script

PLplot script 5.6.1

PLplot PLplot is a library of functions that are useful for making scientific plots.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 230 Download
GNU plotutils script

GNU plotutils script 2.4.1

GNU plotutils The GNU plotutils package provides you command-line plotting utilities.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 198 Download
FreeMat script

FreeMat script 3.2

FreeMat FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 8, Downloads: 183 Download
Vis5d script

Vis5d script 1.2.0

Vis5d Vis5d is intended as a central repository for enhanced versions and development wo
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 215 Download
g3data script

g3data script 1.5.1

g3data g3data is used for extracting data from graphs.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 229 Download