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Ant Helpdesk

Ant Helpdesk 0.1

A PHP & MySQL ticketing center, allowing webmasters to get feedback, bugs, and new feature
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 393 Download

Pancake 4.5.4

A very advanced customer relationship management application (CRM) that can be used in man
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 501 Download

OroCRM 1.3.1

An open source PHP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specifically developed to work i
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 421 Download

Opencall 1.0

An open source PHP & MySQL script for recording, tracking, and monitoring inbound phone ca
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 410 Download

Zurmo 2.8.1

An open source PHP-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a powerful and profession
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 453 Download
Jet Help Desk

Jet Help Desk 1.01

An open source help desk system for allowing companies, business owners, and freelancers t
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 372 Download
AJ Help Desk

AJ Help Desk

A help desk system for managing client tickets and other problems
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 308 Download
Ultimate Client Manager

Ultimate Client Manager Lite Edition

A PHP application that allows client and payment management
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 322 Download
Support Request Tool

Support Request Tool 1.0

A tool to allow users to select a page section, add a note and submit a ticket
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 323 Download
Cerberus Helpdesk

Cerberus Helpdesk 6.7.9

A group-based webmail project
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 250 Download

EasyTS 1.0.1

EasyTS EasyTS is an easy to use ticket system that helps you manage correspondence with yo
Price: $Freeware, Rating: 9, Downloads: 462 Download
Contractor Software Free

Contractor Software Free 0.8

Contractor Software Free Contractor Software Free allows you to manage projects and intera
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 1649 Download


Anova Anova script allows you to have your own knowledgebase site.
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 9, Downloads: 943 Download

SmoothOperator 1.0.0

SmoothOperator SmoothOperator is a service ticket management system written in PHP.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 414 Download

Faqtastic 3.0

Faqtastic Faqtastic is an ask & answer script, which makes it easy to let visitors ask que
Price: $Freeware, Rating: 9, Downloads: 506 Download

SugarCRM 6.5.9

SugarCRM SugarCRM has designed a CRM application that is fast, friendly, and even fun to u
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 694 Download
Tech Tickets

Tech Tickets 1.0

Tech Tickets Tech Tickets tracks user requests and document resolution from the IT staff a
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 596 Download
Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker 4.0.4

Issue Tracker Script Issue Tracker Script is a customer support issue tracking system writ
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 540 Download
Ceica Minus Groupware

Ceica Minus Groupware 1.5

Ceica Minus Groupware Ceica Minus Groupware is a tool that allows you to perform groupware
Price: $GPL, Rating: 0, Downloads: 2121 Download
Customer Support Tool

Customer Support Tool 1.0.0

Customer Support Tool Customer Support Tool (cstool) is a web based customer report manage
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 788 Download
Factory Nova

Factory Nova 1.3.1

Factory Nova Factory Nova allows you to communicate with your clients regarding the projec
Price: $Free Trial, Rating: 9, Downloads: 799 Download

QuickTicket 1.5

QuickTicket QuickTicket is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable troubleticket manag
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 310 Download


Tick-It Tick-It is a PHP based all-in-one online helpdesk system.
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 6, Downloads: 403 Download

iSupportCenter 0.4.1

iSupportCenter iSupportCenter is a multiplatform and feature rich web based Help Desk and
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 524 Download

Anteil 2.0

Anteil Anteil is a customer relationship management software.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 496 Download

Keystone2 0.90.30

Keystone2 Keystone2 is a web-based ticketing system for keeping track of tasks and other i
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 7, Downloads: 477 Download


phpticket2 phpticket2 is a ticketing system written in PHP, backed up by a MySQL database.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 417 Download

KubeSupport 1.0.0

KubeSupport KubeSupport is a helpdesk system to manage customers requests.
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 8, Downloads: 511 Download
Absolute FAQ Manager

Absolute FAQ Manager 1.5

Absolute FAQ Manager Absolute FAQ Manager is the incredibly powerful and cost effective cu
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 6, Downloads: 690 Download


CLIGRAPHCRM CLIGRAPHCRM is new powerfull Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 7, Downloads: 600 Download
Ace Operator

Ace Operator 1.5.0

Ace Operator Ace Operator is a free open-source web-based customer contact solution.
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 804 Download


DLGuard DLGuard is a full sales and customer management system and can help you protect, s
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 9, Downloads: 555 Download
PC Builder

PC Builder

PC Builder PC Builder is a custom computer configurator script that allows the client to c
Price: $Commercial License (, Rating: 8, Downloads: 2226 Download

Suptrac 0.2.0

Suptrac Suptrac is an Open Source trouble ticket tracking and management system built on t
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 606 Download
Outreach Project Tool script

Outreach Project Tool script 1.2.7

Outreach Project Tool Outreach Project Tool is a PHP web-based generic project development
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 672 Download
WebHelp script

WebHelp script

WebHelp WebHelp is a complete Customer Relationship Management system.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 341 Download
Open2Support script

Open2Support script 0.1

Open2Support Open2Support is an opensource Support system written in PHP with IRCG and PEA
Price: $LGPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 463 Download
EZ-Ticket script

EZ-Ticket script 0.0.1

EZ-Ticket EZ-Ticket is a PHP/SQL web based Ticket system, built with SIMPLICITY in mind.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 639 Download