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flexImages 1.0.1

An open source jQuery plugin for recreating the responsive and fluid look of the Google Im
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 805 Download


A JavaScript library mimicking old dial-up connections by slowing down the image loading o
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 687 Download
jQuery Picturetape

jQuery Picturetape 0.1.0

A jQuery plugin that allows developers to position images in any place on the page they wa
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 274 Download


A jQuery plugin that allows users to view large resolution images inside a popup and navig
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 254 Download
jQuery FocusPoint

jQuery FocusPoint 1.0.3

A very clever jQuery plugin for controlling how an image will get cropped if it ever needs
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 217 Download

Rollerblade.js 1.0

A jQuery plugin for creating 3D 360° product viewers, allowing users to rotate an object
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 177 Download

showOnHover 1.0.0

A jQuery plugin for creating custom hover effects with lots of customizable settings and e
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 209 Download

RandomUserWall 1.0.0

A jQuery plugin for assembling a neat wall of images consisting of random user faces and b
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 120 Download

SmarterImages 1.0.0

A jQuery plugin for supporting responsive images, showing images at a relevant resolution
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 67 Download

jQuery.LazyContent 0.2.0

A jQuery plugin for lazy loading content on a site, showing photos and HTML content only w
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 153 Download
Shuffle Images

Shuffle Images 1.0

A glamorous jQuery plugin that changes the background image of an element based on the use
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 142 Download
jQuery Background Position

jQuery Background Position 1.1.1

A jQuery plugin for animating large photos in the background of a smaller page container,
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 104 Download
jQuery Image Auto Place

jQuery Image Auto Place

A lightweight jQuery plugin which will align images left-right alternatively, just like in
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 142 Download

jQuery.GI.TheWall.js 0.1.8

A jQuery plugin for building image galleries mimicking Google Image Search pages, showing
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 116 Download
Zoom Scroller

Zoom Scroller 1.0

A lightweight jQuery plugin for adding an unique, yet barely noticeable zoom in/out animat
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 154 Download


A JavaScript library for serving image-based ads based on the user's screen resolutio
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 78 Download

crossfade.js 0.1.0

A beautiful jQuery-based effect that slowly blurs and fades an image as the user scrolls d
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 154 Download
jQuery hoverGrid Plugin

jQuery hoverGrid Plugin

A jQuery plugin for showing lots of images neatly arranged on a grid, with a special capti
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 55 Download

SVGeezy 1.0.0

A tiny JavaScript library for properly deprecating SVG graphics in older browsers, replaci
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 74 Download
jQuery thumbnail scroller

jQuery thumbnail scroller 8

A cool jQuery image scroller, taking a large set of thumbnail images and scrolling them in
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 52 Download

Buffer 0.8

A MooTools class to support image buffering, a simple mechanism for fetching images just b
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 39 Download
Image Cropper

Image Cropper 0.5.5

A fully-featured jQuery plugin that allows users to crop the section of an image they want
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 135 Download

neatShow.js 1.2.3

A jQuery plugin that will slowly load images one by one using a simple fade effect, instea
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 50 Download
Space Gallery

Space Gallery 09.01.2008

An image gallery built using the jQuery framework, a simple way of sipping through a colle
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 130 Download
Photopile JS

Photopile JS

A jQuery image gallery that displays images as a jumble of photos randomly thrown on top o
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 122 Download

imacss 0.3.0

A Node.js tool that will help developers convert photos to data URIs via a base64 encrypti
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 53 Download

Spherical.js 0.5.1

A JavaScript library for viewing 360 degrees image panoramas with the help of a cube struc
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 114 Download

gifplayer 0.1.5

A small jQuery plugin to add special controls on top of GIF images, suitable for playing,
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 17 Download

Photofy 2.0.43

This is a jQuery plugin to animate the location of an image in a grid
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 148 Download

ClassyPicozu 1.1.2

A jQuery plugin for integrating the beautiful and very capable Picozu Web-based image edit
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 76 Download
jQuery Cover

jQuery Cover 1.0.0

A jQuery plugin mimicking the CSS 3 & quot;background-size: cover" property, but using
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 79 Download

Blindify 0.2.0

A jQuery plugin that can be used in building image slideshows that switch from one image t
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 130 Download
Devrama Image Lazyload

Devrama Image Lazyload 0.9.3

A lightweight jQuery plugin for supporting lazy loading, a Web coding technique that loads
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 113 Download
Photoset Grid

Photoset Grid 1.0.1

A jQuery plugin imitating the Tumblr photoset feature, allowing developers to quickly crea
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 121 Download


An open source, lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin that takes a collection of photo
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 104 Download

$.preload 1.1

This is a jQuery plugin for preloading images on a page
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 106 Download
Smooth Products

Smooth Products

A highly specialized jQuery plugin for displaying product image galleries, with support fo
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 154 Download
Smooth Gallery

Smooth Gallery

A responsive jQuery image gallery plugin, showing pictures as a list of thumbnails, which
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 149 Download


A tiny jQuery plugin that automatically replaces SVG images with normal raster graphics (P
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 136 Download

k-description 1.0.2

A jQuery plugin for displaying captions on top of images, perfect for showing dynamic titl
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 142 Download
Panorama Viewer

Panorama Viewer 1

A jQuery plugin that merges panorama images together and allows users to drag them sideway
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 131 Download

SlipHover 2.0.1

A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating, animating and displaying caption fields over an
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 109 Download

Magnifier.js 1.1

A JavaScript solution for zooming in low-resolution images and viewing a high-definition v
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 138 Download

Superslides 0.6.2

A jQuery plugin designed to help developers build fullscreen image slideshows that also us
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 124 Download
Responsive Gallery With Filtering

Responsive Gallery With Filtering

A jQuery image gallery plugin that comes with support for organizing photos in categories,
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 151 Download
Direction-Aware Hover Effect

Direction-Aware Hover Effect

A collection of CSS3 and jQuery image hover effects that take into account the user's
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 64 Download
Thumbnail Proximity Effect

Thumbnail Proximity Effect

A jQuery and CSS3-powered hover effect that not only animates the hovered image, but adjac
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 40 Download
Fullscreen Image Blur Effect with HTML5

Fullscreen Image Blur Effect with HTML5

A glamorous fullscreen image gallery created with jQuery and HTML 5, using a slow and smoo
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 116 Download

UpSlide.js 2.0.0

A jQuery plugin for creating an image slideshow that covers the entire area of the screen,
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 128 Download

onImagesLoad 1.2.2

A pretty straight-forward jQuery plugin that can be used to programmatically tell the deve
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 68 Download
Responsive Image Gallery

Responsive Image Gallery

A jQuery plugin that enables developers to create responsive photo albums that adapt to th
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 121 Download
Wave Display Effect

Wave Display Effect

A jQuery and CSS 3 image gallery displayed in the shape of a wave of photo thumbnails whic
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 175 Download
Fullscreen Image 3D Effect

Fullscreen Image 3D Effect

A beautiful jQuery effect for transitioning images into a fullscreen viewing mode, powered
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 115 Download
Vertical Sliding Accordion

Vertical Sliding Accordion

A jQuery-based vertical accordion, a very beautiful widget to be used when needing to pres
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 33 Download
Image Wall

Image Wall

An image gallery built with jQuery and CSS 3, modeled to look like a paintings wall, with
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 173 Download
3D Wall Gallery

3D Wall Gallery

A 3D jQuery image gallery, complete with lots of interactive features, image captions and
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 147 Download
Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

A lightweight jQuery widget that allows a user to preview an image by hovering his mouse o
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 142 Download
Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip

Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip

A jQuery full-page image gallery that comes complete with a small thumbnail slider which c
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 162 Download

Imager.js 0.2.0

The JavaScript library used to support responsive images on BBC's websites, enabling
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 155 Download
Merging Image Boxes

Merging Image Boxes

A jQuery plugin implementing a beautifully animated image gallery, showing as a grid of sm
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 118 Download