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SimpleSlideView 1.1.1

A jQuery plugin that can be used to create and control a panel viewer system, like the one
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 132 Download
HTML5 Finder

HTML5 Finder 1.0.2

A powerful plugin for the jQuery JavaScript framework, implementing a drill-down mechanism
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 193 Download
Dynamic Pagination

Dynamic Pagination 1.0.1

A jQuery plugin for running a powerful client-side data pagination system, complete with s
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 178 Download
Jump To

Jump To 1

A lightweight jQuery plugin that can be used to generate and embed a simple ToC (table of
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 191 Download
End Page Box

End Page Box 1

A jQuery plugin that can show one or more notification boxes as the user scrolls down a pa
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 132 Download
2-Way iScroll

2-Way iScroll 2.0

A JavaScript library for scroll navigation / pagination
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 124 Download

xPagination 2.0.1

A simple MooTools-based pagination mechanism
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 183 Download
Fluid Content Scroller (jQuery)

Fluid Content Scroller (jQuery) 1.0.2

A jQuery plugin that allows developers to build a smooth scrolling in-page navigation syst
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 34 Download
Animate page to id with jQuery

Animate page to id with jQuery

A simple vertical page scrolling technique built using jQuery
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 73 Download


A JavaScript library for implementing a horizontal navigation system, perfect for powering
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 119 Download


A JavaScript library for creating Web business presentations, inspired by the famous Micro
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 252 Download


A jQuery plugin that can be used in creating fully-featured one-page websites, complete wi
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 173 Download
jQuery Zoomer

jQuery Zoomer 1.1

A lightweight, easy to use jQuery plugin for zooming in the content of an iframe, just lik
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 115 Download

bigBang 1.2

A lightweight jQuery plugin that can make entire DIVs or sections of a page link to a spec
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 216 Download


A MooTools class for implementing an infinite scroll mechanism
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 203 Download


An easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible JavaScript library for manipulating URL hashes, p
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 134 Download


A MooTools class for working with HTML 5's History API
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 159 Download
jQuery Address

jQuery Address 1.5

This is a jQuery plugin for working with virtual URL addresses and deep links
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 188 Download

Tour.js 1.0

A MooTools plugin for creating guided tours
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 50 Download


A jQuery plugin that transforms simple checkbox elements into fully blown togglers, with a
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 110 Download


A jQuery plugin for creating custom Twitter and Facebook share buttons
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 113 Download

SidePane 0.1-dev

A Dojo plugin for creating side panels that appear from the side of a website to reveal hi
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 34 Download

Scrolld.js 1.0.0

A plugin for the jQuery framework to allow smooth transitions between various sections of
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 133 Download
Ladda UI for Bootstrap 3

Ladda UI for Bootstrap 3

A Bootstrap version of Ladda, a collection of HTML buttons that show a progress indicator
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 37 Download

Dynatree 1.2.5

This is a JavaScript dynamic tree view plugin for the jQuery library with support for pers
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 123 Download

newWindow 1.0.0

This is a jQuery plugin for opening links in new browser windows
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 118 Download

rowClick 1.0.1

This is a jQuery plugin for creating clickable table rows
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 127 Download

Fancytree 2.3.0

A powerful jQuery library for creating dynamic tree navigation systems, with support for k
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 61 Download
Collapsible Menus

Collapsible Menus

A jQuery plugin for creating collapsible tree menus
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 167 Download

MagicNav.js 1.0.0

A simple jQuery plugin for generating tables of content from existing page elements
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 705 Download

jQuery.fracs 0.15.0

This is a jQuery plugin to determine the visible parts of a page element
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 55 Download

UpDown.js 0.0.1

A jQuery plugin that can be used to navigate between a collection of items using keyboard
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 54 Download

PlusAnchor 1.0.1

A small plugin for the jQuery JavaScript framework for easily adding smooth animations bet
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 152 Download

LinkUp 0.1.1

A simple to use, lightweight jQuery plugin that can be used in linkifying text, finding de
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 137 Download

xHashchange 2

A lightweight jQuery plugin designed to help with reporting on an URL's hashtag modif
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 146 Download

Radmenu 1.0.1

A jQuery plugin to create circular lists
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 36 Download

uriAnchor 1.1.3

A jQuery plugin for easier manipulation of hashtags inside a Web app, for better control w
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 160 Download

jQuery.locationHash 1.0.0

A jQuery plugin for dealing with URL hashes
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 185 Download


A jQuery plugin for drop-down menus
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 142 Download


A navigation menu inspired by the iPhone home screen
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 151 Download

jPushMenu 1.1.1

A jQuery plugin for producing hidden menus that come into view from one of the sides of th
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 158 Download

Naver 3.0.9

A lightweight jQuery plugin that allows developers to build mobile friendly, responsive na
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 155 Download

BackToTop 1.1

This is a jQuery plugin for adding a & quot;back to top" link on long web pages
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 131 Download
jQuery RotatingNav

jQuery RotatingNav 0.2.1

A jQuery plugin for creating infinitely looped navigation menus, retrieving and displaying
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 142 Download

QueryLoader 3.0.3

This is a jQuery plugin for preloading content on a page
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 133 Download


This is a jQuery plugin for creating fixed scrolling containers
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 157 Download

jPanelMenu 1.3.0

A mobile friendly jQuery menu system
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 136 Download

Menutron 1.0

A jQuery plugin for transforming static menus into responsive navigation systems, perfect
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 143 Download
jQuery Touchbar

jQuery Touchbar 0.0.1

A sidebar menu created with jQuery
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 157 Download


A jQuery plugin to extend the native anchor-linking utility that comes in most browsers wi
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 173 Download
Wheel Menu

Wheel Menu 1

A simple to implement, lightweight jQuery plugin for displaying round circular menus, perf
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 113 Download
jQuery scrollTo

jQuery scrollTo 0.0.1

A jQuery plugin for animating to any position on the scroll bar
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 160 Download
jQuery Fixer

jQuery Fixer 0.0.3

A jQuery plugin for creating fixed scrolling containers on a Web page
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 152 Download


This is a MooTools class for creating custom scroll bars
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 123 Download

Scrollorama 0.9.0

A jQuery plugin for adding extra DOM animations on page scroll
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 121 Download

pagenav.js 1.2.4

A powerful jQuery plugin for rendering dynamic pagination / navigation systems for crammin
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 168 Download
Just some slider

Just some slider

An iOS-like simple on/off toggle switch
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 517 Download

Overthrow 0.7.0

This is a JavaScript polyfill for the & #039;overflow: auto' CSS rule
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 139 Download


A simple jQuery plugin for creating fixed scroll navigation menus
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 143 Download
Simple Accordion Menu Plugin

Simple Accordion Menu Plugin

A jQuery plugin for building accordion menus
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 136 Download