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file-temp 1.2.1

This is a Ruby library to provide an alternate to handling tempfile generation
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 56 Download

Archive-tar-external 1.3.2

This Ruby library is a very simple TAR compressing package that uses calls to external pro
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 47 Download

file-find 0.3.8

This is a drop-in replacement for the & #039;find' module currently in the standard Ru
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 114 Download

Archive::Zip 0.7.0

This is a clean, Ruby-native interface to working with ZIP file archives
Price: $, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 27 Download

rvista 0.7.0

This is a basic library for reading and generating Vista HDS e-commerce files in Ruby
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 33 Download

Synchrotron 0.0.7

A Ruby library implementing a Dropbox-like system for monitoring and synchronizing the con
Price: $, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 161 Download


A Ruby script for syncing files and folders via SFTP
Price: $, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 25 Download

Preflight 0.3.0

A Ruby library that checks if PDF files comply to various standards
Price: $, Rating: 18, Downloads: 78 Download

pdf-reader 1.3.3

A Ruby library for reading PDF files
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 61 Download

Fingerprint 1.4.0

A Ruby-based file and folder integrity checker
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 112 Download

Earth 0.2

Earth Earth allows you to find files across a large network of machines and track disk usa
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 336 Download
P2 Converter

P2 Converter 0.1.1

P2 Converter P2 Converter is aimed to convert one file into another with commands availabl
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 212 Download

R:O:S 0.2

R:O:S R:O:S - A ruby-centric operating system which tries to implement the best from alrea
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 10, Downloads: 153 Download

Latex 0.1.3

Latex Latex contains a LaTeX text generation facility for Ruby.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 460 Download

Redmine 2.5.2

redMine Redmine is a flexible project management web application.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 226 Download

PDF::Toolkit 0.5.0

PDF::Toolkit PDF::Toolkit - A Ruby interface to PDF metadata.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 10, Downloads: 427 Download
AWS ruby script

AWS ruby script 0.3.0

AWS ruby AWS - Amazon Web Services (S3, SQS)
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 8, Downloads: 143 Download
Bacuview script

Bacuview script 1.5

Bacuview Bacuview provides a web-based view into the status of a Bacula backup system
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 45 Download
RAliasFile script

RAliasFile script 0.1.0

RAliasFile RAliasFile is a project aimed to provide, as a C extension to Ruby, over Mac OS
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 8, Downloads: 77 Download
lnbackup script

lnbackup script 1.25.6

lnbackup lnbackup is a hardlink backup system for hard drives.
Price: $GPL, Rating: 10, Downloads: 161 Download
rb_cdio script

rb_cdio script 0.2.0

rb_cdio rb_cdio is a library for Ruby that creates bindings to use the libcdio and libcddb
Price: $GPL, Rating: 6, Downloads: 22 Download
Ruby Extended Attributes script

Ruby Extended Attributes script

Ruby Extended Attributes Ruby Extended Attributes - Ruby bindings for Extended Attributes
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 8, Downloads: 149 Download
TIP Backup script

TIP Backup script

TIP Backup TIP Backup - A pure Ruby project designed to provide a simple, powerful and rel
Price: $GPL, Rating: 8, Downloads: 282 Download
Filescan script

Filescan script 2.1

Filescan Filescan - Class to quickly recurse through a directory tree
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 9, Downloads: 143 Download
AFP helper script

AFP helper script 0.2

AFP helper AFP helper is a tool that reads files in IBM AFP format and makes HTML dumps.
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 7, Downloads: 93 Download

rubyzip 1.1.6

rubyzip rubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 9, Downloads: 120 Download
Assoc Upload script

Assoc Upload script

Assoc Upload Assoc Upload - A rails component that allows multiple file uploads and associ
Price: $GPL, Rating: 9, Downloads: 154 Download
TinyFile script

TinyFile script 3.3

TinyFile TinyFile is an upload and file management tool supporting uploads, overwrite prev
Price: $Other Free / Open So, Rating: 6, Downloads: 58 Download
Spirit script

Spirit script 0.1.13

Spirit Spirit is a console file-handler, written with writers in mind. It has modules like
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 144 Download
Command Line Application script

Command Line Application script

Command Line Application Command Line Application provides a basic structure for a command
Price: $BSD, Rating: 7, Downloads: 151 Download
Rio ruby script

Rio ruby script 0.4.0

Rio ruby Rio - Ruby I/O convenience class wrapping much of the functionality of IO
Price: $GPL, Rating: 7, Downloads: 189 Download